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Recorder Clarinet Flute (and piano) Flute Choir Alto Flute (and piano) Soprano Sax (and piano) Alto Sax (and piano/combo) Tenor Sax (and piano) Sax Quartet and Strings Saxophone Quartets / Trios Saxophone Quintets Wind Solos (with piano or CD Accompaniment) Wind Duets Wind Quartets Wind Quintets Wind Septet Wind Octet Oboe Solo Bassoon Trio / Quartet Brass Orchestra and Chorus Orchestral
Saxophone Quintets (SAATB) Saxophone Quintets (SATTB) Saxophone Quartets (SATB) Brass Quintets Musicals for Children Choir Music Choral Quintets (SSATB) Christmas Choir Music Easter Choir Music A Cappella Choir Vocal Solos String Solos String Quartet Light Orchestra Arrangements

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